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A professional system for innovative companies in Munich? Odoo!

With Odoo in the Champions League - in Munich

Is Odoo the right system for your company?

Running a business in Bavaria`s capital Munich, you`re giving your best every day! Munich`s ahead - not only in soccer. Start up or medium sized enterprize - in this fast moving environment the one who`s always up to date, or in best case one step ahead, will outdo his competitors. As a modern and high-CUSTOMISABLE system ODOO provides perfect support for your business. No matter how fast and in which direction your business develops - ODOO will keep up and will never limit your plans and ideas. Yet for businesses starting with one single employee, ODOO provides attractive possibilities. Due to it`s modular design, ODOO can also grant professional services to larger companies, even up to 300,000 employees.

German legislation has been considered in every single part of ODOO. Numerous modules will help you simplify communication, data exchange with your accountans and further business processes. ODOO - your professional partner. For Munich, Bayern and Germany resident companies.

For more information about ODOO, please visit ourwebseite.

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Local service - quick and direct

The most important factor in your business is your ERP system. It should be as familiar to you, as the Glockenspiel at the Munich City Hall. With a personal and competent partner in Munich, you get the chance to know your system from the very beginning, starting with the implementation Configure your system in cooperation with our experienced staff and incorporate your needs and requirements in your crucial business processes. Also benefit from our experienced employees and our constant services in Bavaria, especially Munich.

Seize all advantages of a local service partners and increase the efficiency of your employees with our trainings and workshops. Only an employee with extensive know-how about the system can utilize the full range of ODOO`s possibilities for your business. Get more information about training here.

How your company will benefit from Odoo ?

Step ahead in Munich - with ODOO`s business complete package, As license-free all-in-one business solution, ODOO displays all business processes of your company, such as purchasing, sales, production, warehousing, financial accounting and much more. Furthermore, the system includes: full integration of website, webshop and POS solution. Customizable ERP system, characterized by its modular design, which allows you to activate exactly the modules that are required for your business. For more information about your possibilities with ODOO, please visit our

Every year the ODOO roadshow held in Munich, informs prospective customers and users about news and updates in the system. Our impressions from our latest Roadshow made very clear, that companies, located in Munich`s center, as well as representative enterprizes from the area around Bavaria`s capital (Freising, Erding, Landshut, Dingolfing, Munich Airport) consider ODOO to be an attractive solution for their businesses.

ODOO`s business complete package
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Odoo und Alfresco in München

Unternehmen in München profitieren bereits jetzt aus der Verbindung von Odoo und Alfresco. Alfresco ist ein Dokumentenmanagementsystem und vereint Enterprise Content Management mit Business Process Management. Prozesse und Arbeitsabläufe können mit der Verbindung aus ERP-System und Alfresco vereinfacht werden. Durch die Quelloffenheit des Systems sind kundenspezifische Anpassungen und Anbindungen von Alfresco an andere Systeme möglich.

Die IT IS AG ist DER Spezialist für Odoo und Alfresco in München in der Konnektion von Business-Systemen mit DMS, Webshops und Websites.

Hier erfahren Sie mehr über Alfresco und Odoo...

Odoo und Zimbra in München

Zimbra erleichtert Ihnen das E-Mail-Management! Zimbra in München erfreut sich immer größerer Beliebtheit, denn der E-Mail- und Groupware-Client begeistert nicht nur uns mit der schnellen Mailbearbeitung durch Tastaturbefehle, dem Termin- und Taskmanagement und der Dateiverwaltung für Anhänge. Alle Prozesse können Sie jetzt mit Kollegen teilen und so direkt zusammenarbeiten. Durch die Quelloffenheit des Systems sind kundenspezifische Anpassungen und Anbindungen an andere Systeme möglich. Und mit den sogenannten Zimlets (Add-Ons) können Sie den Funktionsumfang von Zimbra sogar noch erweitern.

Die IT IS AG empfiehlt Zimbra ganz klar, auch in Verbindung mit dem ERP-System Odoo.

Hier erfahren Sie mehr über Zimbra und Odoo...

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Jobs zu Odoo bei der IT IS AG in Landshut. 

Wir haben freie Stellen für Softwareentwickler und Ausbildungsplätze für Fachinformatiker(innen).

Support in Bavaria - on the spot!

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Als vorsätzlich ehemaliger Silber-Partner von Odoo und zertifizierter Trainingspartner ist die IT IS AG operates nationwide, but due to geographical proximity, especially Munich and the surrounding area are our number one catchment area. We`re happy to be present and available here for a variety of clients such as the MDK Bayern, the DKK - German deposit payment or the Carl Hanser Verlag in Munich. We maintain strong personal contact with our customers and emphasize frequent informal meetings to ensure our service quality through professional customer service. For more information about ODOO and our services click here.

Got more questions? We are happy to help!

Benefit from our more than 18 years of experience in ERP implementation with some 325 projects. More information is available at the IT IS website.
We`re looking forward to your request, feel free to call at: +49 (0)8703 90690.


An Odoo partner in Germany should have an office near your location so that you have always a competent contact person if you need help at Odoo, no matter if it's about Odoo consulting even before the implementation of Odoo or the  Odoo training before the launch of the system.
IT IS AG has more than 18 years of experience at implementing ERP systems and is just 20 minutes by car away from Munich. The combination of our long-term know-how and the central location enables us to be your ideal partner for  implementing Odoo in Munich, but also in other regions of Bavaria and even in Austria.